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      About us

      [Quality inspector]

      Job responsibilities:
      1. Responsible for incoming inspection of raw materials, product process inspection and delivery inspection of finished products.
      2. Be responsible for the information feedback of nonconforming products, and identify and isolate nonconforming products.
      3. If the original department and products are seriously unqualified, they can be directly reported to the general manager. Be responsible for the judgment, identification and statistics of nonconforming products.
      4. Responsible for issuing the production formula and operation instructions of products, and responsible for the maintenance and repair of inspection equipment.
      5. According to the requirements of IS9000 system certification, do a good job in the relevant management system data of the Department.
      6. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.
      1. College degree or above, major in chemical technology, chemical machinery, polymer and other related majors;
      2. Experience in chemical technology management is preferred;
      3. Familiar with chemical product processing and development, familiar with the operation of laboratory equipment, familiar with the operation of gas and liquid chromatographs, with solid theoretical basis and practical experience;
      4. Proficient in AutoCAD and other drawing software, with strong communication and analysis ability, certain problem-solving ability, innovation ability and test design ability;
      5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

      Recruitment Hotline: +86-551-64393207     E-mail:1021434001@qq.com     
      Website: 191 talent network and Xin'an talent network. Search "Yinshan pharmaceutical" to submit your resume
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